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About the Studios

The 4-Real audio studios are custom-made, state-of-the-art voice recording studios that are perfectly designed to record speech. Our in-house studios have professionally constructed recording booths and production suites which are all equipped with Pro-Tools HD technology. We can also record voice artists anywhere in Germany and the world in real time from our studios using APTX.

Our proprietary software "MyAudio" contains all the assets relating to the production, e.g. text, reference audio, instructions for the production, information on the recording parameters, etc. so that all the components in the recording process such as direction, scheduling, audio engineers, post-production and our translation team are always totally up to date, and to ensure that the production runs smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, our studios can handle all the casting requirements for your project, as we have an extensive database of voice actors with whom we have a long-standing and successful working relationship.

We can offer you the following services

  • Casting: We can find the best voices for your projects from our extensive roster of voice talent, which will save you time and headaches.
  • Script: We like to tailor your script to match the recording parameters; this could be modifying it for lip-synch and time-critical recordings or simply revising it to make it read more fluently.
  • Recordings and post-production: Our specialized audio team can guarantee a seamless recording and post-production process to ensure that your assets are delivered back to you quickly and efficiently.
  • Acting: Our directors aim to achieve the best possible performance from the actors to achieve the results you want for your product.
  • Delivery: Your assets, named and organized as per your instructions, will be ready for you to download from our secure ftp server.

Voice-Overs / Dubbing

Voice-over means so much more than just sticking someone in front of a microphone and pressing the "record" button. To tell a story convincingly, you must select the right voice, use the appropriate narrative style and apply the correct recording parameters. Our team will find the right voice talent or actor to tell your story, and our skilled directors will ensure that the voice conveys precisely the right tone from the first to the last word of the script. Our in-house studios have been specifically designed, built and equipped to record the human voice, so you can rest assured that you will receive the best service for your product, and the superb voice recordings will speak for themselves.

Commercial Audio

Whether it is an Internet trailer, a TV or radio spot, a digital press kit, a promotional trailer or an industrial film, the 4-Real studios will provide you with the best service and the highest recording quality possible. Successful advertising productions must sparkle with superlative sound quality, so we offer a vibrant creative environment to help our voice actors produce an excellent standard of performance. Our high-end equipment will capture these magic moments in the very best sound quality.

Audio Editing / Mixing

One of the most underestimated processes is the post-production, which involves audio editing and mixing. This is where the finishing touches are added to the raw data: the various takes and tracks are cleaned up, the volume is adjusted, the final mix is created and a whole array of technical processes are applied, i.e. equalizing, compression, limiting, etc. to maximize the quality of the recordings to create a phenomenal audio experience.
4-Real Intermedia uses experienced audio engineers who have a thorough knowledge of and expertise in post-production. Whether processing thousands of individual files or mixing a complex trailer that must be edited to produce a stunning finished product, we can deliver top quality at a reasonable cost.

APT IP Codec

The in-house studios at 4-Real Intermedia have all APT IP Codec, so speech audio can be transmitted to our studios with minimal loss of quality and in real time from almost anywhere in the world. So you can record voice actors from all over Germany and worldwide  in the highest audio quality. This is of course extremely budget-friendly, as it can save enormously on working time and travel costs.