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Game Localization



With more than 2000 localized games to date, 4-Real Intermedia has extensive experience in games localization. We produce the highest standard of translations, audio recordings and graphic content localization at our offices in Germany and at our in-house audio studios.
We have also used our international partners to build a powerful team who not only share our passion for games, but who also pay the utmost care and attention to ensure that the particular feel and nuances of a game are not lost in translation. In addition, our many years of experience in audio recordings will guarantee that the quality of the localized audio in each country is of the highest possible standard.
Please find below more details on the services 4-Real Intermedia can provide. 


Audio Recordings

Sound recordings are carried out in our 4 in-house recording studios by experienced directors and sound engineers in close cooperation with our translation team. We only work with professional actors and voice talent to guarantee authenticity and first-class cinematic quality. Our in-house recording studios have state-of-the-art recording equipment and are seamlessly integrated into our agency’s infrastructure, enabling us to react efficiently and quickly to any changes during the localization and recording process. This is a pre-requisite for the quick and thorough production of even the most extensive projects with a consistently high level of quality in the sound and voice elements.


Localization is provided by our competent and creative team of experienced translators and copy editors. In close cooperation and contact with the client or development studio, our team translates and adapts the text to meet the demands of the market and the product. 
In order to guarantee excellent translations, our in-house team of copy editors thoroughly checks all the translated text before it is delivered or processed. Experience has shown that this is the only way to ensure a high standard of translation, whether for action blockbusters, gimmicky racing games or children’s fairy-tales.
Once the translation has passed through these hoops, the translation is either delivered or considered ready for further in-house processing such as voice recordings. We take particular pride in being able to provide these services at the highest level of quality and as quickly as possible. 

Project Management

Our project managers have gained their experience from working on 2000 localized products and can ensure a smooth and efficient localization process. 
When working on time-critical projects, they will communicate directly with the development studios and will do their utmost to complete the project on schedule. 
Urgent and express tasks will also be handled quickly and efficiently, and we take extra care to meet the agreed schedule and budget arrangements for each project. 

Quality Assurance

Reliable and in-depth quality assurance is an essential element in any successful localization. Our QA team has the experience, methodical approach and professional attitude which is essential to provide a high level of quality control. We offer linguistic testing, integration testing and localization compliance testing for consoles, handhelds and personal computers.
Our clients will not only benefit from our long years of expertise in this area, but also from our reliable and proven infrastructure and the enterprise solutions we employ, namely “DevTrack” and “DevTest”.

Graphic Localization

Most localization projects are generally made up of text and audio translations, but it is so easy to forget that graphics appearing in the game often require localization too. Once the game text and audio assets have been localized it is important to translate all the graphic content into the target language, as the graphics are closely linked to the game text and audio. The extent of this particular task should not be underestimated, as graphics localization can be an extremely time-consuming process. We therefore recommend that clients consider the graphics localization component in the very early stages of the project to ensure they schedule enough time for this integral element.
We offer graphic localization such as layer editing or retouching at the highest level. We use InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop and Illustrator and, with our vast collection of typefaces, we can transfer any artwork 1:1 into the required language.